Monday, October 25, 2010

I need a hobby...

I've been out of school for a year - I don't have any homework [minus that online class I've been finishing...]. I ran my half marathon - I don't have to dedicate my entire life to running. There are those evenings and days off when I find myself, well, rather bored. This is a time in my life when I don't really feel like I'm accomplishing anything, and that makes me feel purposeless, aimless, and restless. So I've decided to take up a hobby. *Note, I do know that I was supposed to take one picture a day this year, and that failed miserably in, say, May. I fully acknowledge and accept my failure in this endeavor. Moving on.*

I've decided to take on a more manageable goal; a goal that is more flexible and less constrained by time. I am going to read the top 50 books of this list: the Modern Library's Top 100 Novels of All Time [compiled in 1997]. Please let it be noted that I have read many of these books before (I am an avid reader, yes - but I also went through many years of English classes), but I have set rules. If I read that book within the past two years, I do not have to re-read it. Otherwise it's added to the list. 

Anybody else want to read them with me? I am going to start at 50 and move my way up to 1. I figure it's a lot better to start with the "less good" books, and finish at what those all-knowing literary critics deem the best novel of all time. [That is Ulysses, by James Joyce, and I do not enjoy James Joyce. But - that's what I will read at the conclusion of this project.] I will also give myself some leeway: if the library does not have the book at the time I am ready for a new one, then I will move on to the one that is next available. One mistake I did make with Project 365 was, I think, being too hard on myself - a situation I've found myself in often lately. So I'll make this one a little less rigid and more conducive to simply doing something that I enjoy, yet is also a challenge I can accomplish, and feel good about accomplishing. 

First book on the list: Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller. I'll be honest: I've never heard of it. I was going to post an image of the cover, but it's too risque. Amazon describes it as the most honest book ever written, and apparently it was banned for being too obscene. It's an autobiographical work that describes Miller's life as an expat in Paris. Well, I think we're off to an interesting start. 

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mattvstherealworld said...

I don't know if you know that I read this. but. I figured it was time to come clean. I read this. and I'm excited for your new book journey. Also, I'm sure that by the time I get home tonight, Laura'll want us to do the same thing...