Monday, November 8, 2010


Yes, bugs. In our kitchen. Gross, slimy, wormy bugs. On the ceiling.

But no more.

Kate and I scrubbed the kitchen down tonight. We re-lined the shelves. We threw away anything and everything that might have to do with bugs.

We killed those suckers with bleach. 

And we put all the necessary items in tupperware containers which we had purchased at Target after we discovered a bug on the flour. 

So, now that I've sufficiently scared you away from eating at our house ever again...

everything is perfectly clean. It was a [little] therapeutic, of course. I would, of course, rather clean the kitchen without bugs being the reason, but at least it got done. And now it looks like we have no food. 

...want to come over for dinner tomorrow? :)

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Selena Slough said...

I hope I can still come to a dinner at your place. =D LOL! Congratulations, though, for killing those bugs in the kitchen! It’s normal to have a few bugs in the kitchen since food does attract these. However, if we let these bugs infest our food, we may end up hospitalized. So, BRAVO!

Selena Slough