Tuesday, September 7, 2010

T-minus 5 days

The half-marathon is less than one week away. I've done pretty much all the training I can - completed all the long runs leading up to this marathon, 10 being the longest yesterday. Besides eating right, drinking buckets of water, sleeping well, and avoiding alcohol this week, there's pretty much nothing else I can do physically to prepare for this.

Preparing mentally is a totally different story. I'm trying not to get psyched out about it. I've done the training and successfully completed 10 miles, without stopping, and without even being totally exhausted. There's no reason to suspect that I won't be able to finish 13 miles, especially with the adrenaline of the thousands of people running along with me. Not to mention my dearest friend Sara Beth. :)

So, in the next few days, I'm thinking positively. I'm reminding myself that no matter what happens [even if it's the worst - not being able to finish - okay, there's probably worse, like injuring myself...] I've accomplished a lot by actually committing to the training and by actually doing it. Maybe the best outcome of this whole thing is actually learning to like running [not LOVE...that might never happen. but i did say that I would NEVER run something like this half marathon, so that'll teach you to say never, I suppose], and to feel better about myself every time I run and don't feel like I could keel over.

The important thing is that I did/am doing this for me - something I don't do very often. And that, I think, is just as much of an accomplishment as finishing the half. Which I WILL do. I also appreciate everyone's support. It's not easy for me to accept support, either - so thank you for offering it to me anyway. Turns out, I can't do it by myself. :)

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