Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pride and Ray LaMontange

It is very difficult for me to admit defeat. It is very difficult for me to admit I was wrong about something. But, on the rare occasion where it is rather obvious that I was wrong, I am perfectly capable of holding my head high, marching forward and proclaiming that, yes, I was wrong, but look, here I am admitting that and moving on like a normal, sane, healthy, mature person.

[So, in the end, maybe there's still an element of the "I win" scenario going on here, but that's not the point.]

The point is, that I was wrong about something. For the past few years I have repeatedly told a few very close friends [you know who you are] that I did not enjoy listening to Ray LaMontagne's music. I believe my refrain went something along the lines of "Well waaaay back before he was even famous, in 2006, I saw him open for Guster, and I was soooo bored...." [You know how I do...].

Well, in 2006 that was certainly true. But tonight my tune has changed. I heard an interview with Ray LaMontagne on "Q", a new show featured on WBEZ. I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed a)the interview and b) the music. When he first played the title track of his new album, I thought "Hey this is really great. I hope this isn't Ray LaMontagne because then I will probably have to start listening to him and everyone will say, I told you so."

Go ahead. Say I told you so.

Meanwhile, listen to the interview if you're interested. [PS Q is a really great show - you should listen to the podcasts. It's Canadian, if that sways you positively...]

You can also listen to that title track, called "God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise".

Plus, he lives in a farmhouse in Massachussetts. Idyllic. 


Ashley Joy said...

!!!!!!!! I know who I am! And I'm sooo excited that you're a fan now! And that I have this interview to listen to today!! Highlight of my morning? I think yes.

Victoria said...

i love ray! just bought the new album :) cant believe you didnt like him- its just like my friend that doesnt like vampire weekend. wtfff