Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I really do love capturing photos of my everyday life. Never a day goes by where I don't think, I wish I had a camera right now! Then I remember, I do! Of course, it's just my phone camera, which doesn't offer nearly ANY of the capabilities I am accustomed to working with, but honestly, sometimes that's probably for the best... I also feel a teensy bit like a sellout/teenybopper/facebookjunkie/idon'tknowwhatotheradjectivetoputhere[but you know what I mean] type of person by taking photos and then uploading them all the time onto Twitter/Facebook/(ahem)my blog. But, at some point, my pride must give way, and I took them to show people so I might as well just realize that I already blog about things people might not care about, so I can put up those pictures people might not care about once in a while because, you know what, it's my blog. :)

Although I do think the things I snap pictures of are generally pretty interesting amusing...

Then again, I often go back and read my own blog once in a while, so there you go...

But, in any case, here are some photos from my recent life, captured by the oh-so-classy Eris camera:

 Ah. The best of both worlds, right here. Chicken McNuggets Kid's Meal with a Holly Hobby toy [or something or other like that], Diet Coke [no ice], and Katherine Heigl. 
Portage Park
 Yep, that's a bald eagle.  At work. This little fella [girl?] broke her wing when she fell out of her nest as a young bird. So, SOAR [Save Our American Raptors] took her in, and brings her to things like the Harvest Pow Wow we had at Naper Settlement this past weekend. 
Let's be honest here: sometimes, my job is pretty awesome.
 Recognize this place? Guys, I took this on a Monday morning at 8:00am. 

That's earlier than I ever went to the library when I was a student at Wheaton. When I was paying to be there. But, nevertheless, I was pretty happy [and weirded out] to be back.
 Empty. Apparently it's not exam-time yet. And luckily then no one was there to witness my stealthy, creepy, sentimental alumni photo-taking.
And, lastly, the time has come!!! Note, I didn't buy anything because I am pretty sure I have too many Christmas decorations already [at 24 years old...]. But it was a nice little teaser to walk through the aisles...
Hobby Lobby

That's my [mobile] life. Fascinating, eh?

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