Monday, July 26, 2010

Tip on the Tightrope

- or for me, it's more like thumping.

Today, folks, I am at the halfway point for half-marathon training - at least in terms of mileage. I ran 6.25 miles, which is [almost] 13.1, for those of you who might not be so math-savvy. I reached the goal I set for myself before the half-marathon goal, which was to run to Belmont Ave and back on the Lakeshore trail. I woke up this morning DREADING going out and committing to this run. But, just like most tasks that seem insurmountable at first, it was [sort-of] just another run.

Except that I actually didn't have enough music on my RUNNING!!! playlist. Crazy.

Thankfully I just played this song overandoverandover towards mile 4 when I was getting pretty dang tired of the whole trying-to-be-active-and-succeed-thing. If you haven't heard anything about the fabulous Janelle Monae - you should. Her music is pretty awesome funk-hip-hop-pop sort of stuff, and Tightrope is definitely the best of them all.

Here's a sampling for you:

Not to mention, she is beautiful. And this video is AWESOME. Black and white [clothes] and incredible dancing? Yes, please.

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