Thursday, July 22, 2010

Running with a View

I'm well along into my training now - this Sunday is the six mile mark, with a total of 16 miles this week. I am pretty darn impressed with myself, and I'm loving that I feel stronger, fitter, and overall better about myself.

For the days when I just DON'T WANT TO RUN, it's helpful to remember that this i my view:

Please notice the city-scape in the background.

Summer really does bring out the best in Chicago, and reminds me why I put up with those god-awful winters.

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Taylor Yves said...

i am so glad you wrote this! summer is beautiful! ok, it has been HOT here, but all week i've been surrounded by people who say they hate summer ... can't wait for winter! what? i tried to pound it in their minds that winter sounds good when it's 100 degrees out but it's not as good as nostalgia would have you believe. and everyone just resisted. ugh - some people need a little perspective :)