Tuesday, July 15, 2008


didn't i already apply to college? didn't i already go through hell trying to figure out which school was best for me, what i wanted to do with my life, blah blah blah? didn't i already pick a major, and finally become ok not having a so-called practical major?

isn't finding a grad school supposed to be easier because you should already know what major you want, and shouldn't rankings make it obvious which ones you should apply to?

well, luckily i have financial constraints, so i can't go to the best of the best unless i get a superb financial aid package, which i won't.

and luckily i have to take the GRE so my scores probably won't be that great, so i have to limit my schools based on that also.

and, finally, i am kind of lazy so i haven't studied for the GRE and i haven't been a fantastical history student, so my schools are further limited.

starbucks careers, anyone?

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Drew said...

Yes and yes, I will see you there.