Saturday, September 15, 2007


So, this is what is really exciting me right now. Among many other things, of course:

你好吗? 我爱你。我爱耶稣。我要和可口可乐。我要喝咖啡。我要核查.

so of course i have said nothing of consequence in this little message. this is what I said:

How are you? I love you. I love Jesus. I want to drink coca-cola. I want to drink coffee. I want to drink tea. Pretty much the extent of my knowledge but hey i think it's pretty exciting. Unfortunately my own characters do not look quite so...shall we say... put together?

I really have about zero motivation to do homework. Let's hope that it'll come from somewhere because regardless of motivation or not, it needs to get done.

The first coffeehouse/LIVE was a success, so that's encouraging. I have to do more scheduling for that. It never ends, you know? But this is very much more exciting work than schoolwork, let me tell you. Hence the problem: I can always find something to do for CU that is important, that needs to get done, but homework is also just as important. It just always takes second place. Maybe that's not always the worst thing.

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