Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Not pulling a gandalf?

So in preparation for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at the stroke of 12 midnight this Friday night, I reread Book 6 these past few days. The first time I read it was quite rapidly, in order to find out what happened because it was the day it came out and so on and so forth. I figured, of course, that I would read it again to remind myself of the events that took place. I realized, however, when I saw the Order of the Phoenix movie that came out less than a week ago (well I guess a week ago tonight), that I really could not recollect much of what happened in book five, not to mention all of the information that was revealed. So, I reread Book 6 starting on Sunday, finishing this evening. And surprisingly, I cried. Again. Over Dumbledore's death. A fictional character. However, I am just DEPRESSED that Rowling has (supposedly) claimed that Dumbledore is not pulling a gandalf and rising from the dead again. I am quite disappointed at this. Half of the reason I read the books is for Dumbledore himself. Maybe it's the (not to be blasphemous, here, at all) almost God-like qualities that I am drawn to, in the sense that I am drawn to those particular qualities rather than the magic-centered aspect of the book. Really, it's the believing the best in people quality, it's the love quality, it's the extreme wisdom quality, and so on and so forth that draw me to Dumbledore. I think I might have come across as blasphemous here and that is not at all what I have meant to do so forgive me. Needless to say I was quite, quite sad and cried at the kitchen table when I re-read how Dumbledore died. I cannot believe it is true. They have no hope of winning with him dead. This, however, I know not to be true simply because we are dealing with a fictional story where the good guys (most likely) will win. It's just not as exciting without Dumbledore. I don't feel quite as safe.

In any case, I am VERY excited about the book coming out on Friday, but I do not know if I will read it right away. I'm sure that I probably will but I do not want this whole saga to end simply because then I will have nothing Harry Potter-related to look forward to, and that will be quite sad. It will be the end of a chapter in my life. Either way the book is arriving at my doorstep early morning on Saturday and I will just have to stare at it if I don't read it, furthering the possibility that I will just start reading it right away. It's inevitable, pretty much.

I have to say, in other news, that I have not actually PLAYED in the pool for a number of years and let me tell you it is tiring for three hours. Quite tiring. Those kids wore me out. But I can also tell you that I have not had as much fun at the pool as I did today. Kids can do that for you.

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heyyyyyyy ashley :) (its cana)