Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Scenic Route, Part II

From the last few days, in no particular order.

I walk near this every day (if I take the el), but I only walk by it if I go shopping.

Which I did last week, a day-before-my-birthday treat to myself. I wanted so badly to buy the above, but I did not. It fit weird. And really, it was only worth $20 in my dreams.

I bought a grown-up blazer instead.

I see this if I take the Metra to work from the suburbs. It never gets old, I tell you. Especially with cool fog like that.

This is the view if I actually sit and eat my lunch in the lunch room. Please excuse the non-scenic napkin.

The lobby of my building now has two giant fish tanks.

Inexplicably. But they're cool.

And that, my friends, is the scenic route, Part II.

1 comment:

Martyn Wendell said...

Dude! Fishtanks! I should have never left!