Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This past weekend we made the [rather sudden] transition from summer to fall. Friday and Saturday, despite being the first and second days of September, were seasonably August temperatures approaching 90. So, we did some last-fling summery things: mani/pedis and gelato!

This lovely gelato shop is in Lincoln Square. It's right on the square which on Saturday was teeming with children, parents, strollers, and our very own "clown." His level of sanity was questioned, but I maintain he was just trying to make some extra cash whilst patiently trying to entertain some rather eager children. Verdict on gelato? Delicious. [What else would you think I can say?]

Having spent more time in the suburbs recently, I am finding I definitely enjoy the more relaxed pace those city outskirts can bring. Who would have thought I would ever say that? If you think you're surprised, think how surprised I am. Either way, on Sunday I did some work at Starbucks in the middle of the downtown - smack dab in the center of traffic for the Last Fling - the end of summer festival with rides, food vendors, and Disney stars. [No, I didn't go visit said Disney stars. Those days are over. Unless it was Hannah Montana.] Suburban Starbucks are so busy, but different busy than city 'bucks. Moms, strollers, teenagers, old men, babysitters, runners - all who seem to know each other and are just enjoying their more relaxed pace of life.

I'll admit, I spend a lot more time people watching than working. But that's what weekends are for.

Then Monday turned and it was a balmy 70 degrees. Isn't it funny how after a day of almost 90 that feels frigid, but come May that feels like 90 in its own right? We tried to explore Lincoln Square a little bit more, and succeeded. We succeeded a lot more than was expected, as apparently most restaurants are closed on Labor Day. Who would have thought? So, finally, restaurant #5 was open and, whether because we were famished or because it was legitimately good, we found a place to eat.

Followed by gelato, again, with a dear friend visiting.

It's finally time for fall weather. I'm so excited.

New shoes: on labor day sale.

And finally, rounding out the summer despite the newly-turned weather, a visit to Wrigley. My first of the year (and probably my last, though I'll be at U.S. Cellular on Sunday).

It really is pretty in the sunset.

Happy fall!

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Taylor Yves said...

loved this little update on your life. the suburb thing did surprise me, but you're getting old so maybe it shouldn't ;)