Friday, August 12, 2011

Quick & Easy

I'm here to tell you a little bit about my morning.

First, we'll start with last night, to give you a little context. I picked up a few items off craigslist as a part of the ongoing effort to furnish my new, luxuriously mine, room. (Side note: craigslist is an incredible startup. I could easily have spend thousands of dollars over the last few years furnishing my first, now second, apartment out of college. With craigslist, we have a reasonably attractive apartment, for probably 90% of the price. End side note.)

I also went to Target and spend some more moneythatIdon'thave - but this time I also refrained from buying many things that I want but I know will have time to collect later. I'll get you pictures of all these things soon and very soon.

So I got home around 9:30, unpacked my room to set up all the new things I got and also to prepare for the visitor I'm to have this weekend. I also packed for my weekend trip out to the suburbs. (Okay, that took about 5 minutes, but it was time consuming). I had a million other things to complete on my list but, there it was 11:45, and if I get into bed after midnight, friends, the world pretty much ends.

The moral of this story is: I was going to paint my nails last night, but I didn't get around to it.

One thing you might know about me is that I am a stubborn and determined individual. I really wanted to paint my nails before this weekend (am I doing anything special, you ask? Nope, of course not!) - and so it was going to happen. I got ready (more leisurely than I should have, what with my vanity and all) and forgot to bring nail polish to paint my nails after work today. I walked to the bus, checked the bus tracker, saw 1 minute, and then promptly watched the bus fly by. Next one? 17 minutes.

One awesome thing about living in the city is that there are stores everywhere for us to purchase things so conveniently. Who wants to spend 17 minutes waiting for the bus when you can head on down to CVS and while away your time? Not me, for one. I decided to purchase those Sally Hansen nail strip things - where you don't have to paint your nails, you just slap on this nail paint-esque thing.

It was $10. I'm all about convenience - but $10 is a lot of money for nail polish.

I perused the rest of the nail polish aisle (I did have 15 minutes by this point), and found a miracle product:

Yes, friends. This is actually a fast dry nail polish. I know because I tested it out this morning. I sat down on the bench outside my office, painted two coats, waited 120 seconds, then walked into the office. Zero smudges.

For someone who hurries through life, this is important. The only time my nail polish is not smudged is when I spend at least 30 minutes under the UV light at the nail salon. And that happens so rarely. (I wouldn't even spend $10 for fake nail polish, people).

This was $1.99 for a black (entitled, Ebony Loves Chris. I chuckled a little) and a clear top coat. Both fast dry.

Who could beat that.

Happy Friday!

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Matt said...

I have never related to a blog post as much as I relate to this one. My life summed up in howevermanywordsyoujustwrotethereabout

nail polish.