Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day

Last weekend was a glorious three-day weekend. It was glorious in more than one way.

1. It was a three-day weekend.
2. It was, actually, finally, WARM.
3. I went out in the nature.
4. McDonald's now has Rolo's McFlurries. Do not doubt the deliciousness of this limited opportunity. In fact, you should drop everything you are doing and go get one right now. Who knows when they'll take them away!

Anyway, back to the weekend.

Yes, that's right, the nature. Starved Rock was the plan, but we were tired, and it was too hot. So we opted for the next best thing: Naperville. Knoch Knolls Park, to be exact.

We packed a picnic. PBJ, couscous salad, and grapes, nature's candy.

This is what most of the park looks like. Prairie, with some trees. Just enough nature for me, thank you.

No makeup, and sweat. Just like a good memorial day should be.

Also, we bought this: 

Well, not for me. But they are pretty nifty pieces of technology. I don't think I'd want one for myself, because I love the feel of books, and the library. They are, however, useful for people who a) don't have libraries and b) don't care about holding books. [That was not a judgmental statement, though it may have come across like that.]

And, finally, the best thing about three day weekends:

this week was a four day week. Yes.

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mattvstherealworld said...

firstly. rolo?

secondly. Kindle = life changing

thirdly. hurray for photos! ...