Sunday, February 13, 2011

This Weekend

Went by fast. As always. That's always aided when you work one of those weekend days. But at least I got to do it while watching the Grammys, which meant watching this.

But I also got to do some fun things, like make breakfast.

 using recipes from This Lovely Lady [of course].
 [PS her new semi-true-story-novel book came out this month. I can't wait for it to arrive from Amazon!]

And this didn't happen this weekend, but it was last weekend. And I've been so negligent in posting, and I didn't have any other pictures from my weekend, so I posted this. It's Paige's; we went to Feast for brunch after a [rare] morning church.

Last night I did make dinner, with some very helpful help, for some lovely people. This is Paige's photo [I was busy cooking, people!] but I wanted to show you our very spring-like display.

Coming soon: Restaurant Week picks!

And, also coming soon, albeit late: my journey through the blizzard.

Sorry I've been so negligent folks - let's just be happy I have a life.

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