Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My friends. Remember when learning history in school was FUN and AWESOME and interactive?

Remember when we played games on MSDOS with HUGE, floppy disks?

Remember when we watched that awesomely educational television show featured around that mysterious lady in the red coat?

Remember when that game came on  CD (Gasp!) in a cereal box?

Today, my friends, my life has changed forever.

For the better.

Not only did I survive snowmageddon, snowpocalypse, snowMG...[more later], I found out the most AMAZING thing.

Starting today, you can play OREGON TRAIL on facebook.

Yes, that's right. Oregon Trail. It's the best version of the game that I've seen for many years. [And believe me, I've tried].

There is some element of trying to get you to buy coins/trail notes which means giving Facebook money which I refuse to do, but you know what, if you don't, and people die because they don't have medicine - that's just how the game was played, my fellow trailmakers. That's just how the game was played.

Carmen Sandiego comes next week.

See the commercials below [via Huffington Post].


PS More on Snowpocalypse later.

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CanaRuthThompson said...

I still have my Carmen Sandiego board game...