Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grahamwich and the Piggie

My friends, I am in love.

With food. I don't know if you've noticed it - but recently, all I can talk about is food. All I think about is food. All my money [what money?] goes to food. [Just kidding, Daddy! After the savings, of course.]

I have become. Obsessed. [Cue Mariah Carey.]

Tonight I went with my new favorite eatery partner-in-crime to grahamwich. [Not capitalized on purpose. I do work in editorial, people. Oh, and right, my job is in fact to make sure business names are correct.] It is the new restaurant [by new I mean their one-month anniversary was on Saturday] by Graham Elliot, who is behind the Graham Elliot restaurant and who also is the winner of the Chub of the Year #6 Award by Chubarama - awards awarded to "big men." [GO TO HIS WEBSITES. They are fun.]

mmm not busy.

love the logo! orange ginger soda. I had the grilled cheese which you can't see. DELICIOUS. Grilled cheese with prosciutto and tomato paste? How can you go wrong?

Oh.my.gosh. Heaven. Toasted cinnamon with caramel = churros. Greek yogurt with pomegranate seeds health(ier) heaven.

Sigh. Go. It IS worth the $10 sandwich, despite what those haters on Yelp! might say.

And yesterday I repeated my visit to the Purple Pig, this time with my roommates. Yay! I'm so glad they went and at least told me they enjoyed it. 

GAH! I just tried to link to my archived post about the last time I went there with my dearest friends and it wasn't there because I NEVER POSTED ABOUT IT. 

Forgive me. 



 this little piggy had roast beest pig's ear

porkporkpork. pork steak and milk-braised pork shoulder mmmm

panini. delicious. prosciutto. delicious.

dessert. panna cotta.

nutella. hmmm.

and this picture is from a long time ago when i went to celebrate the sixth birthday of Dulay's on the Square with two people who love food just as much as I do - and that margarita was exceptional. And only $6. Regularly $14. I love a deal.

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