Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a wedding weekend

I know it's a little past-due, because the wedding of Kevin Whelan to the lovely Eleanore Linton was, in fact, two weekends ago. They've been to their honeymoon and back; we've all had Christmas and most of us have presumably returned to our daily hum-drum routine [haha, except me, for one more day!]. But I still want to post these pictures because a) it was a good time b) she was beautiful c) I have them and won't do anything else with them.

First, a five hour reunion-counseling-onlylostonce drive.

Oh, and there was some snow. 

Then, there was the beautiful, emotional, one-of-two-oh-that-explains-the-hummer-limo ceremony. 

Followed by the delicious dinner at the reception in the beautiful Inn at St. John's.

with some really fun people. 

and some really awesome dancing on the part of the bride and groom. Everyone else? ...eh. 


here are some more fun people. 

It was great to see you, Kirsten!

out of all the attempts, really the best one.

sigh. i like it even though it's blurry and out of focus. :)


with a champagne toast. 

Congratulations, Ellie and Kevin!

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matt said...

ok. so I just played blog catch up and read all of you new posts.


I have this to say: hurray for photos of me!

(and merry christmas and blah blah)