Thursday, March 4, 2010

Southport Grocery

 Food. It's the number one reason I could never even imagine going on a diet. It's also probably the number one reason why I should [sometimes] go on a diet. It's where most of my money goes - where a lot of my thoughts go, and where much of my spare time is spent.

It's also a great reason to live in a city - there are fantastic food options everywhere!!!! It may not always be good on the body or on the budget, but I am always of the opinion that God wants us to enjoy our time on this earth - he made us sensual creatures and while we're here, we should enjoy it. So, I do!

All that to say, I want to try this restaurant, Southport Grocery and Cafe, sometime soon. It's added to my growing list of restaurants-to-try. And any place whose tagline is: "Modern, Simple, and Fun Food Experiences" must be at least worth a try. I'm all about the experience, especially if it involves food. They do claim to be famous for their cupcakes. I have only found, so far, one cupcake that I truly enjoy - Molly's. We'll see if Southport's gourmet treats can live up to those deliciously moist treats over at 2536 N. Clark St. In any case, I look forward to trying their bruschetta omelet...

brunch, anyone?

Via Slashfood.


Taylor Norris said...

oh yes! i love this place. it's my go-to brunch spot when any family is in town. i always stick with savory breakfasts so their Main St. pancakes and hummus platter are my kind of thing. But their Cupcake Pancakes and Grownup Poptart interest me.

Ashley Joy said...

Omigosh, count me in!