Friday, February 5, 2010


When NOVA was forecasted to get 20 inches of snow right before Christmas I was skeptical.

It came.

When my  parents told me they were going to get 6 inches last weekend I said, "No way. You've gotten all the snow you're going to get this year- alreay WAY more than normal."

It came.

And now, they are forecasted to get another possible TWO FEET of snow this weekend.

Will it come?

I have no idea, but either way, that's just CRAZY!!! I know to people who live in regularly snowy places like Minnesota, or whatnot, this much snow seems relatively normal and every-day. But for those who live in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, that's just CRAZY! Of course, I moved here to Chicago, a place of extremely difficultly cold temperatures which at times seems like a hellhole of a place on earth [due to the cold, I mean], but have we ever gotten that much snow to make it a little bit more worth it? No! Of course not! It seems ironic that I would move away from a temperate place only to have them be deluged with snow, one of my favorite things of the winter season. Of course, this is not, however, about me.

Let's just see how much snow they actually get. I know my parents are prepared - they waited in line to purchase an extra shovel and have stocked up on the groceries. Ordinarily I would say, psh, that's just all hype. You'll barely get an inch.

But this time, I believe it could very well happen.

To read the report in the Washington Post, click here.

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Taylor Norris said...

woah, sometimes i love being snowed in but i also get cabin fever after a few days. today was glorious! don't you think? the sun is good for the soul!!