Monday, February 8, 2010

39 Days Down.

It has been 39 days since I began Project 365, and it's been an interesting month or so. I'm really enjoying doing the project - mostly because I love taking photos, and this gives me an excuse!
Here's some of the things I have learned so far during the project:

1. I need to step out of my comfort zone in order to get those fantastic pictures I lust after.

It's hard for me sometimes to take a picture in public because I worry about what people will think - they'll realize I'm just a poser, they already know it won't be a good photograph, etc. Which is of course ridiculous! So I am learning to repeat to myself what I have always repeated to myself, my entire life: I will never see these people again. I'm working on it. :)

2. The photos don't have to be perfect.

This is very difficult for me to realize as well, being the perfectionist that I am. Oftentimes when I give up on taking the perfect photo and just take what I know I would enjoy looking at, they turn out great!

3. Flickr is a wonderful community!

I love the comments that I get on flickr - when someone tells me they like a photo *or* when I get a favorite! I get so excited, and it's really, really encouraging. And I love looking at other people's photos, getting the opportunity to encourage them and to be inspired by their creativity!

4. I don't have any money to upgrade. And so, I don't need to.

I have learned already in this month that as much as I drool over other accessories, what I need to focus on right now is composition. Good photography really is mostly about the raw image you capture - and what I need to develop is a good eye rather than fancy equipment.

5. Picnik is an excellent resource!

Just like I don't have money for equipment I don't have money for Photoshop. I need to utilize the time I waste finding the best price for photoshop and just spend it figuring out how to use picnik better. It does boost a photo, and I realize that [often] people's photos look so wonderful because of post-processing. This encourages me in my creativity, as well!

To review the month, here is a mosaic of my photos for the first 36 days.

You can see more of my photos at

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