Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Trees Personified

As much as I love Christmas, I have only once in my life [yes, once in 23 years] had a live Christmas tree. So when it comes time to take mine down [say, around Valentine's Day] it simply involves a trip to the storage closet and the original box it came in.

Even though I do not resonate with the trials and tribulations of disposing of a live Christmas tree, I do appreciate this website shared with me by my friend Dave. These Christmas trees really do have a personified, humanistic appeal. He aptly described them to me as "homeless Christmas trees." And that definitely fits. But I also see an optimistic, ironic quality to them. Almost as if they were jokesters, hanging out on the street waiting to be photographed.

Boy I can talk about Christmas trees way more than the average person. Take a look and see for yourself!

photo via Christmas tree. Also found on swiss-miss.

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