Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Overdue Calendar

I absolutely love libraries. I utilize them more than any other public service - perhaps even more than public transportation.

I am also a chronically rushed, harried, and therefore [late] person. (I just suffer from severe multitasking disorder - the need to ALWAYS be getting more done.)

The combination of these two faces of my life lead to the inevitable - library overdue fines. I have paid more money than I even want to think about to public libraries in overdue fines. Of course, I don't particularly mind these fines [unlike certain other ones] because I know that really, those fines don't even come close to the worth I have gotten out of those libraries over the course of my twenty-three years.

But, thanks to auntjune over at, in the new year I shall [hopefully] be free of overdue fines, thanks to her Overdue Book Calendar. It took me about five seconds to have this lovely beauty e-mailed directly to me. Goodbye, late fees! Hello, organization. :)

Via design*sponge.

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Ashley Joy said...

Ashley! That is the coolest thing ever! Hang it up hang it up hang it up!