Sunday, December 13, 2009

let them eat cake.

Maybe it's because I recently moved into my very first non-dorm-rules-dominated apartment, but I have lately become obsessed with everything design/decorating. I read blogs daily [suggestions? share!!], check out magazines/books from the library, and obsessively sign up for daily design tips email updates. Through all this reading, and through the practical application of trying to decorate my apartment, I am discovering my taste. [Of course, I am also discovering that my taste is constantly shifting.]

A lot of my creative ideas [i.e. other people's creative ideas that I am dying to try in my own abode] are sadly restricted by budgetary concerns and the paying-off-loans status of my current financial situation. Most of what I have fallen in love with as of late- what receives a star in my Google Reader RSS feed - is reminiscent of the style of the movie Marie Antoinette by Sofia Cappola. That movie has gotten mixed reviews from my peers, and I will acknowledge that is a bit of a weird movie plot-wise. But anyone who knows me knows that I have an affinity for the weirder things in life. And this movie is one of them.

I absolutely adore the candy colors so prevalent in the film. I love the fanciful luxury that is the style of this movie [credit to my dear Ashley Hepburn for the description of the style that has been so elusive to me for the past few weeks.] When I watch it I think about cupcakes, gilded mirrors and chandeliers. I find myself subconsciously incorporating all of those into my design aesthetic [well, minus the cupcakes. But they are delicious to think about.]

Most of these ideas I'm saving until I have more flexibility with decorating my living space - i.e. when I own my own home. But look for increased influence of this style, either in my own apartment or my [future] design-inspiration posts.

Meanwhile, here's a feast for the eyes with some images from the film. [And, I would certainly recommend it, at least as a feast for the eyes!]

Photos from the office Marie Antoinette film site.

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Ashley Joy said...

Oh wow, I do see the similarity between your style of late and those pictures! Fanciful luxury indeed!