Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shhhh... Christmas.

I know Christmas is not here yet. I know that any Christmas-related talk before Thanksgiving is taboo in some circles. I also know that to talk about it "early" gives me a secret thrill - the thrill of anticipation. The anticipation of a delicious treat not to be eaten until dessert, of a present that can't be opened until your birthday, of that long-awaited book release, or the commencement of that event you have been planning for months. And so, today, I looked up some new decoration ideas - and made our apartment Christmas calendar. Here's some of the decor I might attempt in our own humble abode, provided my roommates don't complain of Christmas overload.
[Thank you, Real Simple.]

This one is actually feasible, because I happen
to have a blank canvas lying around. For once,
thank goodness for unfinished art projects.

Pinecones just make me think of growing up,
of my grandmother's house, of old-
fashioned Christmases, of time gone by...
Maybe it's because I pretty much live in the 19th century
every day, but I love to recreate that "time gone by" feeling.

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Ashley Joy said...

Let's implement these ideas into our Christmas explosion ASAP. :)