Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tonight is the last night I might spend in my house for a long, long time. In my room, which houses the random odds and ends I've collected over the years but haven't needed while at school rather than the things that have come to represent my life. That makes me sad. It makes me sad to think that I will no longer spend periods of more than a week residing in this house. While, as Victoria points out, this will be "home" until I get married, I won't really "live" here anymore. I guess you could argue that I haven't really lived here since I left for college four years ago. Maybe that's supposed to make me feel better - but it doesn't. It makes the speed with which these past four years have flown by even more real. I love my family and I want to stay here for the summer.

But I can't - I have jobs to report to, an apartment which I am super excited about, roommates I can't wait to live with. And I have to fly out of the nest sometime. I just wish I wasn't so teary about it. I think that's a testament to my family and how wonderful they are, though - it's better to be choked up tomorrow when I say goodbye than to be running out of here thankful that time has finally come.

And I am thankful for that. Like my mom said, it's just another adventure. An uncertain one, yes, but I'm certainly excited about finding out what happens in the end.

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