Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year

New Years celebrations are always the same for me - fun, low-key, and relatively anti-climactic. We play a few games and otherwise find ways to fill the dead space that spans the time from early evening until the anticipated New Year's Eve countdown. This New Year's Eve was the same, albeit a little more exciting due to the alcoholic champagne bubbles that filled my glass instead of Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider. (Which, by the way, is delicious. Perhaps more delicious than real champagne, but of course being newly of age I must in good conscience opt for the alcoholic option, that is until I tire of the excitement of actually being 21 on traditionally celebratory occasions such as this.)

What makes this New Year's different is the number on our Party Depot New Year's Eve sparkly sunglasses : 2009.

2009. The year I have anticipated since my graduation in 2005. My "anticipated" graduation date on all of my scholarship, grad school, and employment applications since August of freshman year. It always seemed so distant - something I was working towards yet would never have to face.

Yet here it is. It's finally 2009. And all I can think about, 1 hour into this New Year, is that this is the year I am graduating from college.

Boy, is that bittersweet.

We have so much further to go, yet look how far we've come.

It's the year we enter "real life."

Here we come, 2009. I'm ready.

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