Friday, August 8, 2008

I just watched the Opening Ceremonies in Beijing (only 12 hours later, of course.)

The Chinese have most definitely impressed me more than they already have. 

Which, if you know me, is a difficult feat.

Incredible. Simply, incredible.

I don't care about politics, or other such problems associated with the Chinese. 

Right now, it's about relating on the most basic level: human to human. That's what the Olympics is about. It's a beautiful thing that 205 countries marched into the Bird's Nest tonight, and nothing terrible happened. Maybe it is simply a facade for the terrible things actually happening all over the world (as is evident by the fact that Russia invaded Georgia only today). But I'm a firm believer in the fact that nothing is entirely pretend: there is some semblance of peace symbolized by these Olympics. And that is a beautiful thing. 

I am so excited for the Chinese - the billion Chinese that are so proud of their home country, and deserve to be recognized for the beautiful, fantastic, tear-jerking opening ceremony they just produced. They really went all out for these Olympics, and that is representative of how excited the Chiense people are for these Olympics. And I think we should let them be excited, and give them respect when respect is due.

I really hope I get to live in China one day. I realized, just now, how much I wanted to be there tonight, and how much I want to be able to understand their language and express my excitement for these Olympics, with the, in their language.

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