Saturday, August 2, 2008


i love the beach.

i love swimsuits (don't you think swimsuit sounds better than bathing suit?), cute little swimsuit coverups, packing a beach bag with a good fresh summery book (or possibly a magazine...).
i love the smell of sunscreen, of the salty air when you finally realize you are in beach country, of the salty ocean and therefore salty bodies.
i love the feeling of the sun, even when it's hothothothot and you have to get in the water every five seconds to avoid melting like the wicked witch of the west.
i love the tired, salty, dried-out feeling at the end of the day. that feeling comes from one place only: the beach.

and, success: only a little patch of sunburn on my arm. it's those moments that really prove to me that yes, sunscreen actually does work.

(i'm kind of one of those people that learns only from doing it first for myself...therefore i have experienced my own fair share of high-intensity sunburn.)

but the beach is not about sunburn, it's about salt, sand, and sun.

and that's why i love it.

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ashley joy said...

Uptown has two public beaches... Can you say beach weekends??