Thursday, July 24, 2008

me? a macbook? really?

I officially ordered my macbook today at 7:59:57pm (um... I don't know what time zone that is, I guess Pacific time because it was definitely 11 o'clock when I ordered it. Doesn't o'clock just make everything look more sophisticated and academic? As in, I have a meeting at 9 o'clock this morning, let me write that into my DayTimer...)

But back to the POINT.

HELLO 13.3" macbook (white), 2.4 gHz, 2 GB Ram, 160 GB HDD, SuperDrive, along with Microsoft Word, iWork, HP printer, and iPod for free! (okay, obviously the macbook wasn't free, and the iPod was $300 with a $300 rebate to come oh who knows when, but still. pretty good deal.)

All of this in a pretty package for around $1800.00. Let's not talk about that part.

I can't wait until it comes! I think I will be on pins and needles until it gets here.

...oh wait, I'll just be on Victoria's computer, like I am now. Oh such sisterly kindness.

No but seriously, all my wildest dreams came true. Besides the extreme amount of money part. But my VERY OWN macbook. I think I will not believe it is mine until i have it. Even then I probably won't really believe it.

I hope I don't go and get all greedy for other things (cough iPhone) as soon as I have had my macbook, what i have wanted for 3 years, for a few weeks. Let's make sure that doesn't happen. Even though I wish it was the black one...oh well, now I can proudly flaunt my iconic white Macbook...all I've ever really wanted to do since I got to college anyway.

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