Tuesday, June 24, 2008

new plans

briefly, here are my plans for the rest of my life. okay, at least through next summer.

1)graduate (gah!!!!! this is just here because it has to be not because i choose to place it here. i'm still in denial.)
2)go on a crazy fantastical post-graduation trip across the country. (probably sleeping in the car because at this point i will have no money, but i WILL see that west coast in the next year.)
3)marry off one of my best friends. (again: denial.)
4)move to Cape Cod, Mass, live on the beach, and work at a)the Sundae School so a Wheaton College pennant will be featured on the rafters and i can eat delicious ice cream all night long or b)the Kream 'n' Kone so I can eat delicious fried food all day long or c)on the beach so I will be perpetually toned and tanned.
5)move to Boston and attend grad school at Northeastern so I can see the Red Sox play at Fenway at least once before I die and so I can live with Sarah Alajajian in an apartment with not one but two cats.
6)write a book about my ancestor on the Mayflower, or some other aspect of the most fascinating Swicegood history.

whew. lotta plans for one year, don't you think? especially that write-a-book plan. luckily a year's a long time, and these plans are in their baby stages.

all I can say is, I love New England.

and thunderstorms.

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Maggie Emma Thomas said...

ohmygoodness. we all need to make these lists. seriously. you know those "get to know you" games? This is going to be the "get to know your future" game when we all move in next fall. Please come back to facilitate this momentous event.

also, i love you. please write a book. i'll edit it.