Monday, June 30, 2008

google ads

Have you ever glanced at the sidebar in your gmail account when you're reading an email? (for those of you that are fantastic enough to realize the glory that is gmail.) They are pretty damn good at targeting your interests/needs based on the content of your email.

For example, in the last email I sent I wrote about Cape Cod, running while at Cape Cod, a caterer tasting and wedding dress, the OC, and Plymouth Rock. These were the links/ads:

Romantic Wedding Cape Cod
"The OC" T-shirts
RoadKill T-Shirts
Wedding Photographer
10 Rules to Flat Stomach
Sales Jobs on Cape Cod
Looking for a New Joke?

More about..
Provincetown MA
Hotel Plymouth

How ridiculously on-the-spot is that? Minus the looking for a new joke? on, other than it's probably because I type hahahhahahahaha a lot in my emails. So they think I'm either funny or not funny and need some new material. Hmmm...

Isn't it crazy how ridiculously non-private our internet lives are? It's kind of freaking me out, even though I love things such as facebook and gchat (and, sometimes, I even click on the links they give I guess their advertising is working on a sucker like me!)

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ashley joy said...

I also love how when you 'mark an email as spam' in gmail, the little link across the top usually offers some great spam recipe. Mmmm delicious!