Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today a remarkable victory was accomplished:

Everyone took their afternoon nap when required. Wooo!!!

It's besides the fact that Lauren chose not to take her morning nap today. Afternoon nap is much more important, however, seeing as it is twice as long as morning nap.

So I managed to accomplish much more today: finishing Shrek the Third and Elf. Nothing like Christmas in May. It reminded me of HOW EXCITED I am to be in the City for the Christmas Season. Omigosh I can't express how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE to prepare for Christmas. Maybe it's a little materialistic of me, and it's an obvious indicator of my susceptibility for commercialization. I think it's more than that: it really is about the cheesiness of the season for me (obviously Jesus is a major part of it but for now I am discussing the Christmas tree, lights, shopping, food, movies, music, snow, etc.) I love to do all the Christmas activities and make all the Christmas crafts, listen to all the Christmas music and watch all the Christmas movies.

Here's the question: do I do it because I actually enjoy the activities, or is it because they are associated with Christmas so I feel obligated to do them, being such the Christmas-lover that I am?

Maybe this Christmas season we'll find out. For now, it's beach time.

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Maggie Emma Thomas said...

"and it's an obvious indicator of my susceptibility for commercialization"

if for no other reason (and i can come up with a laundry list of reasons) i love you for this statement.

I'm glad little Lauren took a nap today - that's blissful progress.

Also, why are you watching Christmas movies in May? just curious.