Wednesday, May 28, 2008

experience to get experience?

So, I'm filling out my resume right now to get an internship for the fall. I have to tell you.

I have ZERO experience in the field of history. WHY WHY WHY am I such a slacker?
WHY WHY WHY do I feel as if I have NOTHING to offer for my resume?

Seriously, my resume is more sparse than the sample resume. 

What happened to being an overachiever?

I mean, I'm glad I'm not really anymore...but I'm starting to freak out a little bit here.

I REALLY want this internship, and I am getting kind of nervous that no one wants to e-mail me back. 

So. Until later.


ashley joy said...

first of all, those babies on the previous post are adorable. i also think that peyton is a really cute baby name.
second, don't freak out! and put CU on your resume. it's legit.
third, i miss you.

Maggie Emma Thomas said...

You are NOT a slacker, you are totally hire-able and desirable. You will get a phenomenal internship this fall and you will live it up in the city. I know this about you, Ashley, because it is your nature (and dare i say your destiny). :) And if you ever have any doubts about this fall, please remember you can always come take back your bed in the Fine Arts House.