Tuesday, August 21, 2007

honey rock

So, Honey Rock was fabulous. Truly fabulous. I am also truly a wilderness girl now (okay, at least more of a wilderness girl than I was. I mean basically I could only increase my wilderness qualities, so that's what happened.) I really enjoyed our overnight (especially all sleeping in the same shelter and our DELICIOUS pancakes) and canoeing for hours with Galen (and of course foraging unknown territory.) Really I felt like Pocahontas and it was an incredible feeling. Truly getting in touch with history, you know? AHep and I feel each other on that one.

I don't know if it was actually Honey Rock the place that made it so great (although I'm sure that had something to do with it) but I just love CU. The people are so fantastic and we get along so well and really we just have so much fun that I love it. Everyone is so visionary and has so many fabulous ideas and the enthusiasm to get things rolling that it makes it a true joy to be on CU this year. It's such a blessing. Plus it was amazing to be able to spend time with Amy my love and others while at Honey Rock, away from school. It helped me get ready to be here at Wheaton.

And of course it's pretty sweet to be here at Wheaton while the whole student body is not here yet. It's relaxing and that way we are able to think about the year and our plans without distractions, and grow close together as a group on campus and hanging out with each other and just having fun before the crazy school year starts and everyone comes back.

Can I just say that I flippin LOVE being in an apartment? having people over ALL THE TIME is pretty dang sweet. I am in love with it. And, because of all the time I have spent with people, it has also been nice to have time alone in there with myself. The first night was kind of scary being the ONLY ONE in Terrace, but now that more people have arrived it has been sweet. And I am also tired so I just fall asleep at night anyways.

I also bought a new planner and it is FREAKIN SWEET. Oh how I love to be organized.

I also love being reunited with Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong. My wildest dreams have come true.

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