Wednesday, June 6, 2007

final china post - June 4

hey guys,
it's my last email from china! we are leaving in two hours for the airport. i have nothing to do since i am packed and all my homework is turned in, that is why i am emailing you. plus we found the hotel has free internet (not that 40 cents an hour was breaking the bank or anything, but free is nice.)

it has been a nice few days, we have just been hanging out, finishing our journals and visiting the last sites. the tea ceremony was cool, as well as the peking opera on sunday. they did actually a number of different chinese acts, and my favorite was the sichuan face changing. the actor changes his mask in front of your eyes without touching his face. it's actually a well-kept chinese secret, and it is one of the coolest things i have ever seen. they also had chinese kung-fu and acrobatics, and these two guys who were voice imitators and their act was hilarious. it was nice not to have to sit through an hour of peking opera.

i am sad to leave china but i will be glad to be home, definitely. i think it's one of those things where you know you are leaving so you are prepared unconciously to go. plus we are done with our schoolwork so just hanging around the past few days has been, weirdly, a little boring. i never thought i would say that but since we don't speak the language and are running out of money and we have seen all the tourist sites, it's about time to go. they are possibly opening an exchange program with wheaton college and peking university so that would be a fabulous opportunity but i don't know when they would set it up.

so, it has been a really really incredible trip and i have a lot of things left to tell (yes, i saved some, can you believe it?) and a LOT of pictures to show you. A LOT. but i am ready to come home, and i will be in a few hours! thanks again for reading and responding. have a good summer!

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