Thursday, May 10, 2007


so, i leave for china tomorrow at 8AM. it has sunken in a little more. i am pretty dang excited if i do say so myself. and you know what is FABULOUS? saga's raspberry chocolate mousse cake. one thing i can say for saga is that when they don't have to serve in mass quantities (or well smaller mass quantities) then they really step it up a notch and it is quite fabulous. but, soon i will be eating REAL chinese food. and buying a samurai sword (heheheh).

to all of you going on your various trips please have a FABULOUS TIME!!!!! and to those of you staying at home, relax and get some sleep for me!!!

until i'm across the date line....

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Maggie said...

yes! rory said no! well, she really said kind of "not right now" or like "maybe later" but then Logan said "all or nothing" so they broke up!!! can you even believe it?! HAVE A BLAST IN CHINA!!!!!