Monday, May 7, 2007

back on campus

So it is EXTREMELY weird to be back on campus when there is no one here. I keep expecting to run into friends or at least people that I see every day in the same places and it never happens. It's nice to be in an apartment, yes, but it's so...blank...and devoid of my own me-ness, or at least any sort of homey atmosphere. Luckily I do have so much to do that I can avoid being absurdly bored, and the library is open (wahoo! my favorite place) so I can email and do other such fun things. Wheaton is really pretty at this time of year and it's kind of lame that we never get to experience the full beauty of spring/summer. It's actually HOT. which i didn't think wheaton ever got until August. But I'm loving it, no worries. It's kind of weird that I don't have to go to class (oh wait, I do at 9AM tomorrow... at least not my normal classes) but I'm pretty much worn-out from that anyways and I am excited for CHINESE learning. :) We do get to eat lunch at Saga (oh joy.) which is nice I guess since it's free. It was nice to be home for all of two days, one of which I just slept (all of Saturday - til 4PM). But actually, coming back to wheaton felt oddly like coming home. Not in the sense that I was coming home, to my family and my house, but it was coming back to my life. Once I realized that no one I know really was here that kind of disappeared, but like I said I still expect it. and I don't mind being here, it's kind of nice to have some alone time and just to enjoy the campus without having to run around like a maniac packing and studying and saying goodbye and such things. But I guess I realize more and more that I don't have to be at home. I am glad that I will not be at home all of the summer. Some will be good, but I just get so restless when I am there. That makes me somewhat sad and very nostalgic, especially when my mom cries over it. Oh I love my mom and my family. But in a way being away from them makes being at home so much more memorable because then I really really value the time that I spend with them and I get less annoyed at the things that I used to get annoyed with when I lived with them. Well in any case my weekend home was really nice. So was the drive home, with the cartop carrier mishap and all. So many great conversations and hilarity and just great times with some FABULOUS companions. It really didn't feel that long at all, until the last few hours in the wee bit of the morning.

I am so excited for China now that it's FINALLY here. I can't believe that it's finally here and I won't until I'm leaving, I don't think. Tonight we have a pizza party and I am so excited to get the class started with a movie and just learn so many exciting things! Yes, I am a history nerd and I am fully prepared to embrace it. Well the library is getting ready to close (at 6? interesante.) This is what happens when I am alone too long I think way too much and become nostalgic and all of those crazy crazy things. K bye.

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